Offshoring solutions Offshoring solutions Our off-shore operation in Cape Town, South Africa provides a professional, cost-effective outsourcing solution
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Competitive professional off-shore services for uk clients

Sanclare has held a UK offshore presence since 2009 and has worked with several leading blue chips companies. South Africa has become an attractive place in which to outsource telephony and back-office functions.

Increasingly, several UK companies are looking for outsourcing solutions that provide the best of both worlds. Such as, the control and strength created in relationships obtained from using a local outsourcing business to help save operational costs. This is achieved by offshoring a proportion of their operation, to an established English-speaking outsourcer, with similar customer focus and cultural values. These savings are accomplished by implementing good management and operational systems.

Sigma can provide this end-to-end solution via Sanclare’s Cape Town operation, where the time difference is just 1 hour.

Sanclare’s clients include:

Barclays Group
Lloyds Banking Group
Vanquis Bank
1st Stop Group
Northern Rock

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