Bespoke solutions Bespoke solutions The brain behind Sigma’s operation; driving all analytics, segmentation and strategy
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Every customer is unique. Finding a way to best segment your customer base is fundamental to overall improved performance and customer experience

Sigma differs from many outsourcers; as a company, our journey started with handling debt purchasing. Even though we have evolved and focus more on customer contact solutions, we have still retained our embedded risk and debt pricing functions. This strategy, allows us to analyse portfolios based on their performance and to help identify areas that require improvements; where necessary, our strategies are adjusted to help achieve this.

Working with several of our clients, we use our ‘Value Add Engine’, so that more effective and better-tailored collections strategies, can be utilised as a part of an early or late-stage collections strategy.

Bespoke solutions
Bespoke solutions


Improved collections performance and a better customer journey – strategies are tailored to individually identified segments. Communications are tailored and response levels improved.
Flexibility – The Sigma ‘Value Add Engine’ can be used in isolation or as an integrated part of other service offerings.

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